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Who should take this course?
This course is for those who are looking to complete their food handler certification. Train Food Safety is a recognized course in Ontario and is ideal for those working in the foodservice industry including restaurants, long term care homes, food trucks, and day cares.
Is the course recognized by the Government of Canada?
Food safety and food handler certification is managed at the provincial level. Currently Train Food Safety is recognized as an equivalent course in the province of Ontario. We are actively working to get our course approved in other provinces.
Can I really get my food handler certificate online?
Yes. Only certain providers are allowed to provide an online course that is recognized by the government of Canada. Train Food Safety’s online course is recognized in the province of Ontario.
How much does the online course and exam cost?
The cost of the online course and exam is $60.00
How long is the certificate valid for?
The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date that the student passes the exam.
Are there any prequisites for taking the course?
There are no prequisites to taking the course. However, we follow the employment laws set out in Canada and its respective provinces; requiring students to be residents of Canada (citizen, PR, working permit) and over the legal working age set out in your province.
Is there an expiration date to the course?
The course and exam must be completed within 30 days of registration.

Online Course

How long does the course take to complete?
Train Food Safety’s online course will take on average 6 hours to complete.
What is the exam make up?
The final exam is a 50 question multiple choice test. The test taker must receive a grade of 70% or higher to receive their certificate.
Is the final exam open book?
The final exam is not open book.
What if I fail the exam?
Train Food Safety offers free exam retakes at no additional cost. 99% of students pass their exam on the first attempt.
Do I need a supervisor?
The online exam will be proctored virtually – no supervisor is required.
Do you offer your course in other languages?
Currently our course is only offered in English. We are able to make accommodations for ESL students.


What do I need to have to complete the final exam?
In order to complete the course and final exam, you will need an internet enabled device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The device requires a working camera / webcam so that the exam can be proctored.
Do I have to have an internet connection?
Yes an internet connection will be required to complete the online course and exam
Can I complete the online course using a tablet or phone?
Yes. The course and exam can be completed on an internet enabled device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
What browser types are supported?
For the best course experience we recommend completing the course on Google Chrome or Firefox.

About Train Food Safety

Who is TrainFoodSafety?
Train Food Safety is a team of passionate educators and industry professionals. We are based out of Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta. It is our goal to bring the classroom experience online and provide the online course available.nswer coming soon!
Is it safe to pay online?
It is safe to pay online. All credit card processing is done by a 3rd party called Stripe who is an industry leader in secure credit card transactions.
Is my data secure?
Your data is secure. The information is stored on a secure server utilizing secure and encrypted connections through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We do not store any credit card or financial data.

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