About Us

Our Company

Train Food Safety is a food handler certification provider located in Toronto, Canada.  We are passionate educators who train foodservice professionals in Ontario on food safety and food handling best practices.  Our company is an accredited institution representing the interests of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC).

Mission Statement

“Educate foodservice professionals on leading food safety and food handling practices to uphold the health of communities across Ontario.”

Why Choose Train Food Safety?

We believe there are many reasons for you to choose Train Food Safety.

Same Day Certification. Given the fast-paced nature of the foodservice industry we understand that things need to get done as soon as they come up.  We offer same day certification which means that you will be able to be trained, certified, and get to work all within the same day.   

Instructor Led Classes.  Many of us prefer learning in a live classroom setting because of the dynamic learning environment.  We at Train Food Safety think so too and have qualified instructors leading classes and giving you an engaging classroom experience where you’re able to ask questions and learn from your fellow classmates.  

No Fail Policy.  Train Food Safety is committed to helping students become food handler certified.  If a student does not pass the exam, they are welcome to take the course again at a later date and re-write the exam at no extra charge.